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Since its inception over 25 years ago, the HP 3000 has generated strong devotion from its customers. To show appreciation of its customers’ allegiance to the HP 3000, Hewlett-Packard Company created the HP 3000 Contributors Award. This year at HP World, HP presented this prestigious award to Alfredo Rego for his extended commitment to the HP 3000.

HP established the HP 3000 Contributors Award in 1997 to recognize outstanding members of the HP 3000 community who are not HP employees. Jeff Vance, HP MPE porting enabling architect, along with previous Contributors Award winners, unanimously decided that Rego was the most deserving candidate among those considered for the 1999 award.

Long-time Loyal Advocate

Rego has been a loyal advocate of the HP 3000 since he first purchased one in 1974. In fact, Rego was the first to purchase an HP 3000 outside of the Americas, a noteworthy milestone in and of itself. Four years later, Rego created Adager, a database maintenance tool for the HP 3000.

Over the past 25 years Rego has continued to be a strong voice for the HP 3000. He has purchased advertisements in several publications, such as ComputerWorld and the Wall Street Journal, promoting both the HP 3000 and his company’s products.

A popular speaker in the HP 3000 community, Rego has given many speeches for HP World and Regional User Groups (RUGs). Earlier this year, he organized a tour spanning seven cities in 12 days, continually speaking at RUGs in support of the HP 3000. This tour was highlighted by an interview with Apollo 13 Commander Jim Lovell for Lovell’s talk show, which aired in early June 1999.

Adager Teams Up with HP 3000

Adager Corporation was created in 1978 in response to Rego’s experience working with the HP 3000. Adager offers database management tools for IMAGE/SQL. The Adager product runs on any HP 3000 and includes features for adapting and managing business critical data bases under heavy access loads.

Although Rego is the creator and president of Adager, he still considers himself a ‘programmer’. He continues to program and makes sure that Adager’s customer service is top of the line.

According to HP’s Steve Patrick, remote account support engineer, “One cannot talk about Adager without also mentioning Alfredo Rego. Through the years he has maintained his warm and friendly manner. Alfredo has kept his company focused and its support second to none. Alfredo truly understands the meaning of customer loyalty.”

Through his altruistic efforts supporting the HP 3000, Rego has built a successful company and has maintained a highly reputable status among those with whom he comes in contact. Rego’s success and accomplishments reflect his passion for his work and his positive disposition. Alfredo Rego is truly an asset to Hewlett-Packard and the HP 3000 community.